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The moment you learn of your baby’s gender is such a precious time. Many couples keep this moment to themselves and their family, but others choose to throw a party! Gender Reveal parties have become very popular; as a way to build anticipation about the gender of their baby and announce the gender in a fun and exciting way. If you are looking to plan a gender reveal party, take a look at some of these creative ideas below!

7 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

1) Balloon Release 

Blow up several pink or blue balloons and place them in a box. Draw on the front of the box or create a sign that says Boy or Girl with a question mark. Gather your guest around as you open up the box and let the pink or blue balloons float into the sky!

2) Center your Gender Reveal Party around a Theme

Go simple with either blue or pink decor, or create a party around specific holiday themes; such as a St. Patrick’s Day Reveal Party with blue and pink shamrocks. There are several websites that have free printables for theme parties – check out two of our favorites: Anders Ruff Custom Designs and The TomKat Studio.

3) Gender Reveal Desserts

One of the most popular ways to reveal your baby’s gender is through desserts! Have your favorite bakery custom make your cake, cookie or cupcake to have a special colored filling … or make it yourself!

Check out this beautiful white cake from Betty Crocker with blue M&M’s inside (pictured above).

4) Cast your Vote

Get your guest involved and have them cast their vote to see which gender you all are having. At the end of your party; announce the sex of the baby and whichever side of the board has the most votes gets a prize!

5) Unwrap a Baby Gift

Buy a baby clothing outfit specific to the gender of your baby and wrap it in a box as a present. Open the present together at the end of the Gender Reveal Party to reveal the gender of your baby in front of your guests!

6) Balloon Pop

Fill balloons with either pink or blue confetti and pop the balloons in front of your party guests!

7) Silly String Gender Reveal

Buy blue or pink silly string and wrap blue and pink ribbons around the bottles. Gather your guests outside and spray the bottles to reveal the gender of your baby!

Other Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Have you thrown a gender reveal party before? Share your creative tips with us!

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